hey everyone! with the doubt rosters up &ct, i figured i would take a moment to publicize my current indie rp blog. i will have nothing to occupy my time rp-wise for a little while, so if you have an indie blog, please follow me at shslnavigator! thank you very much!

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please dont ever make an oc with ‘super high school level [mental disorder]’ cause its incredibly problematic and offensive not to mention really insensitive to people with actual mental disorders???? mental disorders arent talents, nor are they a ‘cool’ or ‘quirky’ addition to your oc. its really hurtful and ive never seen it done right, ever. there are so many more options for a shsl, so please be wise when making an oc and dont use mental disorders for a shsl :(

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Doubt Academy - Dangan Ronpa Roleplay Game



"Today’s Lesson: Kill or be killed in a world full of doubt! If you die… Well, that’s too bad! But if you live… Upupu! I doubt that’ll happen!"

Doubt Academy is a Dangan Ronpa roleplaying game for original characters.Set in an alternate universe, Doubt Academy follows the theme of the original Dangan Ronpa games, but with a twist - investigations and trials are based loosely off the games Rabbit Doubt and Mafia. The goal is to catch the Mastermind before too many students are killed… Or kill enough students, and escape on your own!

After finishing our second round of games, Doubt Academy will be opening applications for the third round of gameplay on FEBRUARY 9TH, AT MIDNIGHT CST! There will be two games running at the same time: Doubt Academy X and Doubt Academy Y. (The actual names and settings for the next two games are a secret, upupu!) We’ll keep the application window open for at least one week. Our rosters will have 44 confirmed players - a maximum of twenty-two for each game. Applicants must enroll using our enrollment form when applications open.

The game can seem a little complicated at first, but is incredibly fun - each round is done over the course of a week, and includes (Ab)Normal Days, Abnormal Days, School Trial, and Monobear Theatre sections, complete with unique settings and plots! An entire game of Doubt Academy can last several months, with new murders every week. Characters work together to solve crimes, capture culprits, and figure out the mystery of their situation - just why have they been locked up and forced to kill one another, and who is behind all of this?

Check out the chronological archive for Doubt Academy 1 here, Doubt Academy 2: Black here, and Doubt Academy 2: White here !

For more information on the game itself and how to play, check out our main blog, SHSL-Doubt !

shit shitty stinky app for which i apologize in advance 

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*sounds of the dead kids laughing at these poor fuckers from the afterlife *

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News Anchor - Nick 
Mystery Lady - Kat

Art by: MahoAdrian
Execution / Reveal Art by: Maho, Han, Minty, Hunter

Video Editing by:

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those damn terrorists 

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i think my brother is sexually frustrated

Well, with what happened before he died it’s not a surprise…

and then there’s THIS asshole